Past Events

December 2017 Holiday Dance and Potluck

Music by The Russet Trio - Aldo Lavaggi (fiddle),Stuart Kenney (bass and banjo), and Donal Sheets (cello and guitar) with caller Dugan Murphy.

November 2017 Music by Bethany Waickman (guitar), Glen Loper (mandolin and banjo), Dave Langford (fiddle) with caller Luke Donforth.

October 2017 Music by ContraPositive - Joe De Paolo (percussion), Matthew Christian (fiddle, mandolin, flute, whistle and Highland pipes), Matt Diaz (guitar, bouzouki and flute) with Quena Crain calling.

September 30, 2017 - Welcome Dance Music by Spare Parts - Liz Stell (flute), Bill Matthiesen (keyboard), Eric Buddington (fiddle), with caller Jon Greene.

September 2017 Music by Lake Effect - Chuck Abell (guitar and vocals), Matt Sloboda (fiddle), and David Kaynor (fiddle), with caller Margaret Mathews.

August 2017 Music by Spare Parts - Liz Stell (flute), Bill Matthiesen (keyboard), Aldo Lavaggi (fiddle), and Mark Murphy (bass), with caller Jim Fownes.

July 2017 Music by Coincidance - Tony Pisano (accordion), Josh Pisano (percussion), Eric Martin (fiddle and viola), Susan Creighton (keyboard), and Eric Buddington (fiddle), with caller Jon Greene.

June 2017 Music by Fleeting Moments - Eric Boodman (fiddle), Emily Troll (fiddle) and Jon Cannon (guitar) with caller Sarah VanNorstrand.

May 2017 Music by Alan Thomson Trio - Shirley White (fiddle), Josh Pisano (percussion), and Alan Thomson (piano) with caller Steve Zakon-Anderson.

April 2017 Music by Pete's Posse - Peter Sutherland (fiddle, piano, banjo, melodica and vocals), Oliver Scanlon (fiddle, viola, mandolin, foot percussion and vocals) and Tristan Henderson (guitars, mandolin, jaw harp, foot percussion and vocals) with caller Will Mentor.

March 2017 Music by The Guiding Star Ramblers - Cedar Stanistreet (fiddle), Marko Packard (flute and guitar), and Guillaume Sparrow-Pepin (accordion and piano) with caller Katy Heine.

February 2017 Music by Bethany Waickman (Guitar), Glen Loper (mandolin and banjo), and Dave Langford (fiddle) with caller Sue Gola.

January 2017 Music by Coincidance - Tony Pisano (accordion), Josh Pisano (percussion), Eric Martin (fiddle and viola) and Eric Buddington (fiddle), with caller Peter Stix.

December 2016 Music by Cardinal Direction - Cedar Stanistreet (fiddle), Rebecca Bosworth-Clemens (clarinet), and Jonathan Cannon (guitar), with caller Will Mentor.

November 2016 Music by Tempest - Tim Ball (fiddle), Chuck Abell (guitar), and Eric Metzgar (percussion), with caller Jon Greene.

October 2016 Music by The Russet Trio - Aldo Lavaggi (fiddle) Peter Madsen (guitar and percussion), Eric Buddington (fiddle), with caller Ron Blechner.

September 2016 Music by Eric Buddington (fiddle), Chris Jacoby (guitar and mandolin), and Kate Barnes (keyboard) with caller Bob Isaacs.

August 2016 Music by Spare Parts - Liz Stell (flute), Bill Matthiesen (keyboard), and Eric Buddington (fiddle), with caller Quena Crain.

July 2016 Music by Uncle Farmer - Ben Schreiber (fiddle) and Michael Sokolovsky (guitar), with caller Susan Petrick.

June 2016 Music by Light Reaction - Jim Fownes (keyboard) and Kathleen Fownes (fiddle), with caller Peter Stix.

May 2016 Music by Dave Langford (fiddle) and Kate Barnes (keyboard), with caller Sarah Van Norstrand.

April 2016 Music by The Border Bandits - Alan Thomson (piano), Colin McCoy (fiddle), and Josh Pisano (percussion), with caller Jon Greene.

March 2016 Music by Shindy - Randy Miller (fiddle), Roger Kahle(guitar), and Ross Kahle (whistle, bodhran), with caller Dave Eisenstadter

February 2016

Music by Alchemy, with caller Linda Leslie.

January 2016

Music by CoinciDance, with caller Luke Danforth.

December 2015

Music by Nor'easter, with caller Katy Heine.

November 2015

Music by Dave Langford and Kate Barnes, with caller Sarah Van Norstrand.

October 2015

Music by Pizzazz, with caller Jon Greene.

September 2015

Music by Coincidance, with caller Linda Leslie.

August 2015

Music by Spare Parts, with caller Katy Heine.

July 2015

Music by Tidal Wave, with caller Will Mentor.

June 2015

Music by Anadama, with caller Dave Eisenstadter.

May 2015

Music by Cardinal Direction (Rebecca Bosworth-Clemens, Cedar Stanistreet, Jon Cannon), with caller Dave Eisenstadter.

April 2015

Music by The Russet Trio, with caller Bob Nicolson.

March 2015

Music by Shindy (Randy Miller, Ross Kahle and Roger Kahle), with caller Steve Zakon-Anderson.

February 2015

Dance cancelled due to inclement weather.

Border Ruffians (Alan Thomson, Colin McCoy, and Josh Pisano) playing, with caller Fern Bradley.

January 2015

Musicians Julie Vallimont (piano), David Langford (guitar and fiddle), and Rachel Bell (accordion) playing, with caller Jon Greene.

December 2014

Music by Skippin' Cats with

Mary Lea fiddle

Emily Troll accordion / fiddle

Mary Cay Brass piano / accordion

Stuart Kenney bass / banjo

with caller Adina Gordon.

November 2014

Coincidance playing, with caller Jon Greene.

October 2014

Pizzazz playing, with caller Katy Heine.

September 2014

Mountain Laurel playing, with caller Dave Eisenstadter.

August 2014

Spare Parts playing, with caller Nils Fredland.

July 2014

Tidal Wave/Raz de Marée playing, with caller Bill Olson.

June 2014

Anadama playing, with caller Jim Fownes.

May 2014

Nor'easter playing, with caller Jon Greene.

April 2014

Flaire Eire with Randy Miller, Roger Kahle and Ross Kahle playing, with caller Peter Stix.

March 2014 The Gaslight Tinkers with Sarah Van Norstrand calling.
February 2014 Aldo Lavaggi, Eric Buddington, and Karen Axelrod with Jon Greene and Michael Kernan calling.
January 2014 Russet Trio with Sarah Van Norstrand calling.
December 2013 Arigana Highway with Nils Fredland calling.
November 2013 Noah and Andrew with Jon Greene calling.
October 2013 Coincidance with Melanie Axel-Lute calling.
September 2013 Alan Thomsons Little Big Band with Katy Heine calling.
August 2013 Spare Parts and Quena Crain called.
July 2013 Tidal Wave and Steve Z-A called.
June 2013 The Gaslight Tinkers and Bob Isaacs called.
May 2013 Nor'easter and Marguerite Durant called.
April 2013 Arigana Highway and Will Mentor called.
March 2013 Randy Miller Band (Randy Miller, Roger Kahle) and Jim Fownes called.
Febuary 2013 The Russet Trio and Sarah Van Norstrand called.
January 2013 Coincidance and Jon Greene called.
December 2012 Riptide and Nils Fredland called.
November 2012 Party of Three and Marguerite Durant called.
October 2012 Larry Unger and Julie Metcalf. and Jon Greene called.
September 2012 Roger Kahle, Ross Kahle, Aldo, Baron Collins-Hill and Perry Shafran called.
August 2012 George Wilson and Spare Parts and Fern Bradley called.
July 2012 Tidal Wave and Will Mentor calling.
June 2012 The Emulsifiers and Jon Greene calling.
May 2012 Anadama and Rebecca Lay calling.
April 2012 The Russet Trio and Eric Hollman calling.
March 31, 2012 Welcome dance
Spare Parts and Adina Gordon calling.
March 17, 2012 Agnostic Fiddle Insurgency and Rachel Shapiro calling.
February 2012 No dance
January 2012 Flying Garbanzos played. And Sarah VanNorstrand called.
December 2011 Arigana Highway played. Calling Jon Greene and Jim Fownes
November 2011 Clayfoot Strutters playing. Caller Susan Petrick
October 2011 Perpetual e-Motion playing. Caller Will Mentor
September 2011 The Flying Garbanzos playing. Caller Ted Crane
August 2011 Rodney Miller and Spare Parts playing. Caller Sarah VanNorstrand
July 2011 Matching Orange playing. Caller Jon Greene.
June 2011 Coincidance playing. Caller Katy Heine.
May 2011 Nor'easter playing. Caller Steve Zakon-Anderson.
April 2011 Magic Foot playing. Caller Jim Fownes.
March 2011 Randy Miller Band (Randy Miller, Roger Kahle and Jon Suters) playing. Caller Bob Isaacs.
Febuary 2011 no dance.
January 2011 The Russet Trio playing. Caller Quena Crain.
December 2010 Afternoon: Spare Parts playing. Caller Jon Greene.
Evening: Russet Trio playing. Caller Fern Bradley.
November 2010 Nor'easter playing. Caller Chris Weiler.
October 2010 Celticladda with Susan Petrick calling.
September 2010 Geordie Lynd (fiddle), Garrett Sawyer (bass), and Brendan Taaffe (guitar) playing withi with Jon Greene calling.
August 2010 Rodney Miller playing with Spare Parts with Jim Fownes calling.
July 2010 The Fish Family with Adina Gordon calling.
June 2010 The Russet Trio with Quena Crain calling.
May 2010 Karen Axelrod, Eric Buddington and Amy Cann. with Steve Zakon-Anderson calling.
April 2010 Perpetual E-motion with Nils Fredland calling.
March 2010 Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers with Katy Heine calling.
Feb 2010 Coincidance with Jon Greene calling.
Jan 2010 Scoot with Steve Howland calling.
December 2019 Flying Garbanzos with Jon Green calling. And Spare Parts with Eric Buddington, and Jim Fownes calling.
November 2009 Celticladda and Robbin Marcus calling.
October 2009 The Russet Trio and Jim Fownes calling.
September 2009 Nor'easter and Chris Weiler calling.
August 2009 The Flying Garbanzos Jon Greene< calling.
July 2009 Tidal Wave (aka Raz-de-Marèe) Bill Olsen calling.>
June 2009 Jane Rothfield and her "gang". Kathryn Wedderburn calling.
May 2009 Beverwyck string band with Nils Fredland calling.
April 2009 Bottom of the Bucket with Katy Heine calling.
March 2009 CoinciDance with Jon Greene calling.
February 2009 Spare Parts (Bill, Liz and Eric) with David Millstone calling.
January 2009 Anadama with David Giusti calling.
December 2008 Flying Garbonzos with Jon Greene calling. And Bottom of the Bucket with Fern Bradley calling.
November 2008 Squeezology with Steve Zacon-Anderson calling.
October 2008 The Russet Trio with Jim Fownes calling.
September 2008 Illegal Contraband with Christine Hale calling calling.
August 2008 Spare Parts with Chris Weiler calling.
July 2008 The Walker Family Band with Bob Golder calling.
June 2008 The Flying Garbanzos with Jon Greene calling.
May 2008 Beverwyck String Band (and Stuart Kenney) with Steve Howland calling.
April 2008 Bottom of the Bucket with Katy Heine calling.
March 2008 Russet Trio playing with Fern Bradley calling.
February 2008 Mountain Laurel Band with Peter Stix calling.
January 2008 Eric Martin, Eric Buddington, and Friends. with Jon Greene calling.
November 07 Crowfoot with Jon Greene calling.
October 2007 The Flying Garbanzos with Bob Golder calling.
September 2007 The Russet Trio with Steve Howland calling.
August 2007 The Rosens and Friends band, with Sue Rosen calling.
July 2007 Featuring live music with Bottom of the Bucket, with Peter Stix calling.
June 2007   Live music with Jane Rothfield and Friends
Calling and Teaching Jim Fownes
May 2007 Live music with The Flying Garbanzos (Anthony Pisano, Dale Ott, Eric Martin, and Josh Pisano)
Calling and Teaching by Jon Greene
April 2007 David Kaynor and Susie Secco. Katy Heine calling
March 2007 Featuring live music with Bottom of the Bucket, with Jesse Edgerton calling.